The best auctions bring out the laughs

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The best auctions bring out the laughs

Barrie, Ontario, April 2004 – Catherine Lawrence of Survival of the Funniest has graduated from the Canadian Auction College with training as a professional auctioneer.

Completing the program reflects Catherine’s professional approach to her comedic calling. Auctioneering is one of her many skills and professional training for it is something she says she feels she “owes” the charities and other organizations that hire her.

“Laughter is a key factor in any auction, and I hope to make audiences laugh. When you laugh you relax. When you relax, you spend. But I never had any formal training in the bid-calling, and it can make an enormous difference to the results,” she says.

“The more auctions I worked, the more I felt the need to be very professional about working them. Especially for a charity there is a need to raise as much money as possible for the terrific causes they represent.

“A charity auction tends to be a ‘one-off’ event that doesn’t happen often. I wanted to improve my skills in bid-calling so I didn’t leave any money in the room. My aim is to make those charities winners.”

Catherine has raised funds for such groups as The Second Chance Scholarship Fund in support of young people who have come into conflict with the law, and various schools and community organizations.

Her auction programs feature not only the sale of often donated goods, but comedy routines that leave audiences laughing in the aisles. Put a microphone in her hand, give her a focus, and she’s off. Her audiences have included everyone from school kids to legal groups, corporations and associations.

She’s looking for people who want to, need to laugh, and she wants to laugh them well. Her philosophy? You need a sense of humor to survive.