The 12 Step Guide to Becoming a Survival of the Funniest Laugh-o-holic

  1. Laugh NOW
  2. Repeat step one
  3. Keep a laughter journal – look at your laugh life
  4. What makes you laugh, who makes you laugh, and how much do you laugh?
  5. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Make someone laugh every day. Make a stranger laugh once each week
  6. Laugh at yourself – often
  7. Make a survival kit. Include a clown nose, a rubber chicken, a bow and arrow headband to start. When things get tough, use it
  8. Play Twister
  9. Start a laughter club
  10. Watch what makes children laugh. Laugh with them.
  11. Examine your workplace. Are you suppressing your urge to laugh? Wear a costume to work
  12. Read funny books. Rent funny movies. Go to comedy clubs. You pick. Repeat steps 1 through 12