Catherine has written 6 different books that celebrate life in bite size laughter vignettes. Each book offers new anecdotes and perspectives on the importance of seeing humour in everyday life.

Survival of the Funniest: Series A - Laughing Attitude

Ready to laugh? Ready to launch? Series “A” is for a Laughing Attitude and you can read vignettes about corporate laughter, a family prank, travel laughter including space camp and elephant polo... sock it to me! Series “A” includes wisdom from funny favourites such as Lucille Ball and John Cleese. Buy it for yourself or send to a friend who needs a laugh.

Survival of the Funniest: Series B - B the Laugh

“Be” the laugh you want to hear in the world. Series B will tickle your funny bone with stories of laughter bringing compromise to negotiations, a legal interview with a hole in a shoe, and mixing up the brothers in a wedding card photo. ‘Bottoms Up’ events, noisy breastfeeding on a business call and Ben is Ken are an added bonus in Series B. Boost someone’s day and send them Series B

Laughter at law firms? We're serious

Humour is a critically important life skill, especially in today's business world. Catherine Lawrence spends her time revealing the value of humour and how to build that into the way companies do work. 

Funny Business

Catherine Lawrence tells why it's important to take laughter seriously - especially during the hectic holiday season. 

Survival of the Funniest

It's Catherine Lawrence's job to get people to lighten up. When facing her own serious life challenges, how does the self-proclaimed Laughter Lady continue to find things to laugh about? 

Joining an explorer-led adventure to deliver aid along the Amazon

Catherine’s role was to make young dental patients laugh on this 3 week British expedition to remote villages in the Amazon.