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Laughter club and events

A few of the pioneering Canadian laughter leaders. What is a laughter club?
It’s a group of people who meet at regular appointed time in a designated place to take part in laughter exercise and workout, and other activities that encourage playfulness, fun and mental balance. Members enjoy the social as well as the physical experience. There are discussions of the benefits of laughter and its physical impact. A laughter club session can take as little as five or ten minutes, as a workplace break, for example, or at the start of a shift or workday.

How do you start one?
For information on how to start an official club, visit But there is no need to wait. Play around with your own ideas. As few as five people can form a laughter circle.

Skull and Funny Bones Laugther Club Catherine Lawrence is a Certified Laughter Leader who started her first laughter club at a retirement home in Toronto in 2001.

In the photo here, you can see a group of women sporting clown noses at one of Catherine’s personal Secret Laughter Society meetings, a.k.a. Skull and Funny Bones.

Any crazy idea will do to start a laughter club, as long as it makes people chuckle. You can build on an existing book club, or CD mix club, or tractor-pull club. It doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy each other. Keswick, Ontario, for instance, is the birthplace of Canadian Bunco, where the women of Eastbourne Golf Club began to play circa 1996. Georgia’s Amy Lynn, also known as the Bunco Buddha, brought the game over the border and taught the Simcoe ladies its finer points. It involves women ranging in age from 30 to 90 in a low-stakes dice game where the real currency is laughter. (See Time Magazine, December 23, 2002, pp. 31). LAUGHTER: Yours to Discover

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