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Unique Series Motivates & Inspires Laughter, Coping & Perspective… and Shows Why the Author is a Delicious Ham-on-Wry

Catherine Lawrence, lawyer, speaker and humorist is the founder and CLO (“Chief Laughter Officer”) of Survival of the Funniest, a Toronto based company that delivers keynotes, laughter seminars and workshops.

per-spec-tive / [per-spek-tiv]noun

The state of one’s ideas. The faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship.

Diagnosed in June 2006 with a rare lung disease called LAM (Lymphangioleiomyomatosis), Catherine has developed a unique product that celebrates her life in bite size laughter vignettes that have received rave reviews! Applying a wittily courageous outlook to her own life, Catherine shows us an appreciation for laughter and the value of examining life through a humor lens.





A great example of a person who understands that laughter is an important coping mechanism, and that seeing the funny side of life is wonderfully therapeutic.


“A relative is undergoing a new treatment for liver cancer and the laughter books have been just the right thing” M.O.

“I begin each day reading both a quote and a quip. I enjoy them very much.” D.F.

“I love taking them as a hostess gift or birthday gift” J.J.

“They are great at dinner parties!” C.A.

“I gave them to my management team and sent them to my best clients and they love them!” D.G.

Excerpts from
“Survival of the Funniest”
by Catherine Lawrence
One December, my husband and I were rushing to get out the door to attend a holiday party. I attached an envelope, which I thought contained our family Christmas card, to the bottle of wine that we were taking for our hosts. I didn’t realize at the time, but I had mistakenly attached the invoice from our piano teacher for lessons for our three children. “You shouldn’t have. No really you shouldn’t have,” joked our hosts when they realized my mistake. The true spirit of giving. 

Before we were married, my husband-to-be was so thoughtful. Once, after an extended out-of-town trip, he brought me back some expensive perfume. I was delighted. When I opened the package it read Oscar de la Renta pour l’homme (for men). He is quite ze Frenchman. 

A friend Julie shared a conversation that she, her brother and their Italian mother had at her father’s funeral. Emotionally drained and exhausted, she and her brother were discussing the pall bearers of her father’s casket when her mother piped in, “At a time like this, how can you talk about polar bears?” “No ma, ” Julie shrieked. “Pall Bearers!” She began to laugh. Her brother and then her mother began to laugh as well. Their eyes watered. Their bodies shook. They laughed and laughed and laughed a release and respite from pain and sorrow and loss.

The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.
Shirley MacLaine

Life has a way of distracting you. One minute you’re contemplating absolute evil, and the next you’re rinsing out your hosiery and checking the roast.
Carol K. Howell


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