Joining an explorer-led adventure to deliver aid along the Amazon
Legendary soldier-turned-explorer John Blashford-Snell is famed for making the first descent of the Blue Nile and crossing the treacherous Darien Gap. Catherine Lawrence joins him and a team of volunteers on a humanitarian expedition to deliver medical aid to a remote tribe in the Colombian Amazonas

Lawyer-turned-humorist helps raise $2M for research into rare lung disease
Woman with LAM does comedy fundraisers and runs a business promoting the therapeutic power of laughter. By Duncan McCue
Humour for cause
Catherine Lawrence uses humour to raise money for medical research for LAM, a rare degenerative lung disease that affects women (The National on YouTube)

Laughter at law firms? We’re serious
Lighten up your legal environment, says Catherine Lawrence. It’s okay to take your work seriously, but be sure to take yourself lightly. A lawyer herself, Catherine knows the pressures of the legal world, but prescribes a healthy dose of laughter to lighten the load.

Survival of the Funniest
In More magazine, Georgie Binks describes Catherine Lawrence’s challenging diagnosis with a rare lung disease called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis or “LAM”.

Laughter: the best medicine?
Laughter is the key to wellness. Medical experts mostly agree – but not everyone. Stephen Strauss, science writer for the Globe and Mail, joins one laughter club to discover more.

You crack me up! Laughter really IS the best medicine
A Toronto Sun reporter examines the benefits of laughter.

No Prescription Necessary: Learning to laugh with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis
Article by Mary Ann Colihan produced for the CBC National Content Unit

Laughter and Shoes
Lois Lee is a Ryerson University journalism student from Brampton, Ontario. She can be contacted at

Laughter is a Survival Skill
There’s a epidemic of “seriousness” happening in our world today that is just as damaging as any of the infectious diseases going around. Catherine Lawrence has some suggestions on how to lighten the load.

Hockey and Laughter
A Globe and Mail reporter examines the new breed of Rink Rats. A hockey mom herslf, Catherine believes that laughter is a vital survival skill in life, work, health and…. hockey!!

Catherine Lawrence Morse ’77: Always on the funny side
This biography of Catherine appeared in The Chronicle 2003 “We dive & reappear in new places.” Catherine graduated from Havergal College in Toronto in 1977.

International Signs for the times
This collection of signs has been put together with the help of newspaper clippings from the Wall Street Journal, Paul Ames, and other travelers.

Funny Business
At holiday time you need a laugh almost more than at another other time of year. Catherine Lawrence shows how to brew up a potful of by cooking Rubber Chicken.

Keeping his eyes on the prize
Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon and Catherine Lawrence clown at a Humor Project conference in Saratoga Springs, New York.

When the Pachyderms Play
Elephant polo? It’s not exactly an Olympic sport, but it’s big in Nepal. And guess what? Canadians are right there in the middle of the action. Catherine Lawrence and her ‘Z’ team took the prize for the best dressed.

From law school to laughter classes
It’s a long way from law school to comedy, but Catherine Lawrence has made the transition. To her, humor is a necessary skill for survival at home and in business.

Volunteering for adventure
Newly wed, and just out of university, Catherine Lawrence and her husband Jerome Morse participated in an expedition to Peru known as Operation Raleigh, named at the famous English explorer/navigator.

She got to know the ropes
As a young university student Catherine got the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in a re-creation of Sir Francis Drake’s round-the-world voyage. Crewing across the Pacific in a 150-ton brigantine taught her how important humor is.

Novice Sailor will follow Drake
Imagine just graduating from university and taking off on a three-month voyage that retraced the path of Sir Francis Drake’s round-the-world voyage some 400 years previously. That’s what Catherine Lawrence did, and it was the experience of a lifetime.

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