Laughter Loves Company

Has Catherine Lawrence ever got a recipe for you! It's called Rubber Chicken Soup and the main ingredient is laughter. Survival of the Funniest is the name of her company, and when it comes to Catherine's work and life, she sees humor as a critical survival skill. It has positive effects on your health, both at home and in your working environment. A corporate lawyer by trade, Catherine now works at helping you to harness the Power of Laughter to impact your energy and enthusiasm for your work and life. Catherine will customize a keynote speech...

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Humour as a Survival Skill

The American Heritage Dictionary defines survival as "Natural selection conceived of as a struggle for life in which only those organisms best adapted to existing conditions are able to survive …"(see also Gloria Gaynor "I will survive", "Destiny's Child "Survivor", and the official sound track of CBS's TV series "Survivor".) The Random House Dictionary defines a survival kit as a "package containing medical supplies, rations, and other vital equipment for use by a person forced to land in or parachute into the ocean, jungle, or other isolated or hostile territory." These may include, but are not...

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Engaging Themed Events

Catherine has organized or appeared at everything from a Hawaiian luau to a Fiesta. She works at creating an atmosphere in which participants can let go of any inhibitions. Your boardroom can be transformed into a jungle, or a rain forest. Your survival expedition can even include a wall climb. Do you want a space theme? Let's Do Launch! Catherine has her flight suit ready to go. Get your organization to let go of "gravity". BYOT (Bring Your Own Tang). She has appeared as a Full Mountie, a horse (seen here with her partner-in-crime Rear Admiral...

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